Who I Am

Hi, I’m Heather Scott and I get excited about helping organizations improve their results by increasing employee engagement and unleashing the potential of their teams.


Okay, I have a confession to make. My deep, dark, dirty secret that has haunted me for years. Yes, it is finally time for me to come clean. I am an engineer. I can’t believe I actually said it out loud! Now that you are over your shock of my scandalous past, I can explain how my career transitioned from engineering to leadership coaching.

In 2004 I joined the corporate world as a chemical engineer. I worked for a large company and jumped headfirst into product development, trials and troubleshooting equipment. And I loved it! There was no better rush than working together with the teams to solve problems! After one particularly exhausting product development launch that had hundreds of items to clean up that we should have anticipated, I took a moment to reflect. How on earth did we not see these issues coming before we rolled the product out?

And the answer was simple. We didn’t consult the people closest to the work before we started the trials. If we had simply asked the people who ran the equipment, we would have had not only a much smoother launch, but we would have saved a boatload of money!! It was this experience that peaked my interest around engaging the entire team in problem solving, decision making and strategy. And my passion has only grown from there!!

Heather Scott

How Did I Get Here?

After several years of leadership experience, I was given a very unique opportunity. I was invited to join a small team that specialized in increasing productivity by improving employee experiences and engagement. We were tasked with travelling to various facilities (~10) and quickly integrating into their team to find the highest impact opportunities to improve business results – and all with an empty wallet mindset. As you can imagine, this required us to be able to quickly build trust with teams, make bold recommendations, get commitments from teams on actions plans, and determine how to hold everyone accountable to delivering the results we agreed to. And were we able to deliver results from improving engagement? Absolutely. Over a 2-year span, we were able to shift engagement scores from 41% Most Effective to 54%, which was an unprecedented improvement! AND during that time, we also averaged an 8% annual improvement in productivity!

As a member of this unique team, we were given some amazing training opportunities. We were fortunately enough to attend Transformational Leadership seminars, Association of Manufacturing Excellence conferences, Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute and other seminars such as Influencing without Authority, the Art of Persuasion, Crucial Conversations, Culture of Accountability, Culture of Coaching and many others. The experiences I gained, not only from this training, but from integrating into various facilities and cultures have only fueled my desire to help improve engagement and deliver extraordinary business results!

How can I help you? I can start by listening. And then we can problem solve together to determine a path forward. My data-driven approach (yes, that engineering background still creeps in!) will make sure we are focusing on the area that will have the biggest impact on your business. So whether it is strengthening team alignment, creating learning solutions for your team, improving your culture or providing 1:1 coaching, I have a solution in my toolkit to make sure you are successful. And I also promise, we will have fun while we do it!

Is that all?

Is that all there is to my story? Absolutely not! I live my life with the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard” – I truly am an adventure seeker at heart! I have explored the cenotes of Mexico, jumped out of planes in California, dove with the manta rays of French Polynesia, hiked the Temples of Thailand and surfed the waves of Costa Rica – just to name a few! I love the thrill of experiencing new things and am always looking for my next adventure.

At home, I relax by keeping as active as possible, spending time at the lake, and sharing some laughs with friends and family. For me, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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