Why do you need the Operations Coach?

Leadership is a Difficult Transition

Individual contributors who excel at their work are often promoted into leadership roles. The transition from individual contributor to leader is often very difficult and while technical excellence serves as a foundation, it is not enough to excel in this new role. Without additional skills to engage others and focus work, leadership can be unnecessarily challenging. While some new leaders are able to successfully navigate the “sink or swim” approach, it more often leads to high levels of frustrations from both the leader and their team and business results suffer.

It saves organizations time, money and pain

In 2013, the company I worked for was reviewing our Engagement and Enablement data and we noticed an alarming trend. Scores were drastically fluctuating and were consistent with trends with leadership onboarding. A new leader would join the department and typically 6 months later, we would see a large dip in engagement. It would take about a year to recover while the leader determined how to lead the team effectively. And soon that leader would move to a new role and the cycle would continue. Organizations were paying thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees to remedy problems. And these costs did not take into account work disruption, lost business, loss of staff, recruiting costs, damage to company reputations, etc. And often, these consultants provided a one-time solution that was not imbedded in the organization as a way to sustainably onboard new leaders.

So how can we minimize the learning curve for new leaders? We work on prevention and provide them with the tools and skills they need instead of letting them “sink”.

Why is this different from other courses?

What’s the difference between a several day leadership course and this Leadership Program? Knowledge vs. results. Courses often help participants to know more about leadership. These programs do one thing exceptionally well: they help participants to successfully make the difficult transition from individual contributor to leader. Over the program’s duration, participants implement the skills, tools and templates that are required for success versus their own and their teams. During the workshop, participants will learn to:

  1. Clarify the leadership tasks that require attention at their level of leadership.
  2. Use a feedback tool to assess participant capabilities with the leadership tasks.
  3. Provide skill building modules, tools and templates that address these leadership tasks.
  4. Coach to strengthen participant’s leadership task capabilities.
  5. Forge a network between participating leaders in their own organization.

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