Transformational Leadership Services

Transformational leaders know the power of engaging and empowering every member of the team to drive towards a common goal. But sometimes that is easier said that done. Every person, department and company may need a different approach and that is where The Operations Coach can help.


Leadership Programs

Are your leaders unable to consistently engage their teams? Are you struggling to transition from individual contributor to leader? Are you having trouble retaining leaders? Is your team highly frustrated and unable to focus?

Team Workshops

Are you struggling to get your entire team onboard with your vision? Are gaps in communication contributing to a breakdown of results? Is your team performing as a true high-performance team?

Breakthrough Coaching

Are you stuck? Or drowning? Do you know where you or your organization need to go? Do you know how to get there? Do you know what is limiting your progress?


“Today was a huge success. I cannot thank you enough for your time and commitment to helping my team build their capability. Your workshop on how to strengthen our conversations and interactions with clients to provide a more positive experience will have a lasting impact on our business. It was amazing to watch you create an environment of trust and vulnerability while we all practiced our new skills. Well done – we will be working together again!”

— Business Owner

“Working with Heather was a game changer for me. I had just been promoted into my first leadership role and I was completely lost. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and was unprepared to deal with the pressures of pleasing both my leaders and my team. I was a mess! She was able to give me the actionable skills to actually make some quick changes and serve my team in a positive way. I’m convinced she saved my career!”

— Operations Manager

“I was struggling with improving engagement with my team. I had tried several ideas that I thought would help, with little to no positive results. Heather was able to coach and teach me strategies from her own personal experiences that focused on people-centric leadership. I began to focus on changing my behaviors and am finally beginning to see positive change with the behaviors of my team”

— Frontline Leader

I worked with Heather on our Operational Excellence program and our Cultural transformation. She has a true passion for people centric leadership and building capability. Heather was a pioneer in the development of our leadership development initiative, which became the benchmark for how we help our leaders personally develop and improve their servant leadership behaviours.

— Andrew Youngbauer, Operations Manager

Heather helped me work on my transformation story and challenged me to be true to my leadership values in way that made them more concise, specific and meaningful to myself and the teams I support. Thank you for helping me be a better leader and consultant.

— Eric Stinger, Change Agent

Working with Heather was a game changer for me. I was working with the leadership team for the first time and just couldn’t figure out how to get my ideas pushed through. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and was unprepared to deal with the constant need for more information. She was able to give me the actionable skills to make some quick changes and improve my story telling “pitch” and actually execute the things my team desperately needed. I’m convinced she saved my career!

— Dustin Gowdy, Operational Excellence Specialist

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